Optical Products
1. Spherical Lenses (Achromats)

We can produce singlet, cemented doublets, cemented multilayer lenses. Achromatic lenses are
optimized by computer to correct for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations. Metal housing can be
provided according to customer specification.

Minimum Diameter
:  1.8mm.
Minimum Radius of Curvature: R=1mm.
Aperture: ordinary mirrors: 3--6         high-precision lenses: 1—2.
Quality Surface: ordinary lenses: 60/40, 40/20 scratch and dig;
high-precision lenses: 20--10 scratch and dig.
Centering: 1’—3’(depending on diameter).
Diameter Tolerance:  0.03mm.
Center Thickness Tolerance: ordinary request:  0.1mm; special request:  0.02mm.
Coating: anti-reflective coating, broadband anti-reflective coating, single-point anti-reflective coating.

Large or extra-large spherical lenses with high-precision have been challenging to make in whole optical
manufacturing industry. After exploring and making efforts for many years, we can now produce extra-
large spherical lenses with the diameter of 300-500 mm. The technical parameters include: the aperture
is 3--20, the quality surface is 60~40, the centering is 1’—3’ and the diameter tolerance is 0.5mm.
2. Customized Lenses

According to the customer's request, we can manufacture various spherical lenses, flat lenses,
cylindrical lenses, aspheric lenses, pyramidal lenses through special processing methods. We can
also supply your special requirement with very a competitive price.
3. Ball Lenses and Half-ball Lenses

Ball lenses are great tools for improving signal coupling between emitters, detectors and fibers.

1 mm -- 100 mm (ordinary ball).
400 mm (craft ball).
Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.01 mm
Surface Quality: 60/40, 40/20 scratch and dig.
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