Optical Products
11. Optical Filter Glass

These glasses selectively pass specific wavelength or the ray of certain width in the spectrum range.
They are typically used as filters of cameras, apparatus, photographic equipments and other
detectors. We can process various filter glasses for your special needs.
12. Optical Lenses of Crystal

Crystal lenses are manufactured using material
such as Germanium(Ge), Selenium(Se), Silicon(Si),
Calcium fluoride( CaF2), Zircon(Zr). We can provide
customers various diverging lenses, convergent
lenses, flat lenses, spherical reflectors, spectral
prisms, dimmers, working-laser materials, crystal
windows and others. These lenses are available to
meet your alignment needs just like working in
special environment and high temperature high
radiation and different light waves.

Plane Minimum Thickness
: 0.1mm.
Diameter: 3 mm -- 300 mm.
Maximum Parallelism: 3".
Maximum Angular Tolerance of Prisms: 3".
Aperture: 1.
Aperture of Spherical lenses: 3.
13. Reticules

Various reticules can be manufactured.
Reflection and projection are the main types.

Line Width: 0.015mm.
Precision Tolerance: <0.01mm.

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